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Big Girl Swag Launch Tickets

This will certainly be a night to remember! Breaking down barriers of stereotypes, closed minds, and insecurities! Uplifting women of every creed, shape and size!


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Our goal is to bring confidence and reassurance to Plus Size ladies on working with what you’ve got! Showing that sometimes less is more, with a splash swag! It all starts within and it all starts with you! Unity is our policy so we help promote and magnify our fellow brother & sister entrepreneurs!






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KamiKaze; If u think that u gon knock me off the top

BGS LAUNCH 8.29.15

For our first Fashion Show/Event We will be launching some of the Dresses, accessories, and shoes that I will be selling. Also featured are clothes I have designed and altered. This show will feature Live Musicians from the Raleigh/Durham area, DJ, vendors, Food, and cash bar for attendees!

A special gift bag is included as a thank you for my  guests for supporting and believing in this movement.


In preparation for the Fashion Show & Lanch party, some of the models & I had a “Rugged” photoshoot! With a simple everyday look & alterations; because we are EVERY woman!

These women motivate me to keep going! They solidify the purpose of BGS! With their confidence and individual extraordinary swag, I love working with them and learning from them.

#Pause #SelfieStick #SelfieBreak


Introduction of the Models

Sharla aka Shai


Ms. Monaii

Brianna aka Brii


Ms. Fierce

Nikki aka Equality


Ms. Essence

Jamaican Wonder

The Brand

Ms. The Brand

Ashley T.


Ms. SkiLLz

Leticia aka Hennessy


Mami Cita

Shenna aka Coffee



J. Starr


Ms. Ferocious

De’Shaun aka Bink



We are; an Electrifying Diversion


Making our own Lanebgsphoto

Holiday Swag-Her

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Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Had a VERY eventful weekend Charleston, SC!

Friday Kick off

First Stop:

Isle of Palms, SC Beach

Believe it or not I read the reviews for this Beach! I was so scared of the recent shark bites! But after a few trips to the water and back to sand I FACED MY FEARS! And had a blast! Although I must say, a weave and lashes at the beach don’t mix! First and Last time for me. Lol

The Night Life


Celebrating my aunties birthday in Charleston, SC. So I love color and it makes it hard for me to do all black anything! But I spruced this fit up with a POP of pink accessories! Long all Black semi-sheer dress and All black 6-inch  stilettos, and all black clutch


Me & my cousins! The whole family is full figured & fierce!

Celebrities-Sweet 221

On this night out I also had the pleasure of meeting Slim of the group 112! This certainly was the highlight of my night! Music is everything to me!

He was so cool and down to earth. Sent us over a bottle to our VIP section (which was right next to his). Slim didn’t deny anyone a photo and he put on a phenomenal show!!

Independence Day


Best thing about this holiday is good eats! I had BBQ Chicken, Chilli, Veggie Baked beans, Mac ‘n Cheese, Garlic broccoli, Cheese Burger and macaroni tuna salad and Crab less weren’t in this picture! I was so happy & full! But that’s what a good meal does!

Southern Bell


A “Southern Bell” I could never be! But I can certainly look the part!

I had a great time with this look! An all white dress that I had messed up the top half of with the iron! So I had to be innovative and think fast! What better cover-up than this Denim shirt! Then topped off with a Cowgirl hat!


US Tragedy


We all have heard of the news about Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. It hit home for me because a lot of my family resides there, and it easily could have been one of their churches. It was a hateful act that no one should endure, but its so real! I lost a friend and fellow classmate Ywanza. I couldn’t be in Charleston and not pay my respects, so me and my mother went & prayed for this city, this country and this world.

R.I.P Ywanza

And to all 9 victims whose lives were lost in this tragedy

Too Dark for “Dope”


Definitely an issue I have struggled with my whole life. Why women who looked like me, with darker skin weren’t in the fore front or perceived as beautiful. Smh


Brown and dark skinned girls exist. There’s actually quite a few of us.

I’m actually really mad that I have to make this blog post, because I’m actually really excited to see this movie. But damn it if the trailer didn’t have one GLARING flaw (there were actually many, but I’m only focusing on the most blatant this time around).

So there I was a few months back, scrolling Tumblr and wasting the day away, when I came across the teaser for a new movie. It was produced by Pharrell Williams (who I have my own Qualms with–but he produced the second season of my favorite YouTube series “ABG,” so I was curious), and starred an entirely black cast. Dope, a movie set to release on June 16th, 2015, is the story of a trio of high schoolers who attend a drug dealer’s party and accidentally leave with his inventory…

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Healthy Swag-Her

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Hello All You Big Beautiful Bold Butterflies!!!


We as plus size women have to keep up our figure as well. Many people believe that health, diet and exercise, doesn’t fit into our lives. Well they are wrong. We might have our “own” way of maintaining our health, but it is maintained!!!

Thought I’d share a few tips for my fellow “Sweet-Tooth” Big Girl Swag-Her Right Ladies:

If you’re getting that sweet fiend, these tips help you feel not so guilty when indulging.

1) Eat a bowl of your favorite fruits. Doing this may fill your niche for a snack, as well as give you a little sugar fix. If after about an hour you’re still fiending, go ahead and indulge my queen. At least you got some nourishment for the day!


2) Try keeping all sweet treats  for the weekends only. This way you can keep a handle on that sugar intake and have something to keep you motivated through the week.

3) If you have to make a trip to satisfy your sweet crave, Walk to the nearest convenience/grocery store to get it. Walking is the best exercise we can get, burn some calories and pump some adrenaline. Not to mention its great for the heart. Can’t feel too guilty biting into your favorite chocolate candy after a mini-workout!


Hope this helps at least one of my Full Figured Divas!!!

You all stay Beautiful, Blessed, and Voluptuous!

Kierra “KiKi” Sheard Drops Clothing line “Eleven 60”


Have you heard the latest?!?!? Kierra Sheard  has launched for pre-sell her newest collection Eleven 60. Debuted during FFF (Full Figured Fashion) Week in NYC. This line is very chic, classy and curvy! Sneak Peaks below!BGSKI #plussizefashion  #Fashion #BIGGIRLS #PlusSIze #Plussizebeauties #BIGGIRLS #BIGGIRL #BIGGIRLSWAG #Trends #Trendy #Fancy #BBW


You can shop the collection on Pre-Sale NOW! Items ship October 15th, but pre-sale is happening now at